As everything in the coffee industry, our social conditions in the fields are very particular. There are very few, if none, serious studies about the social conditions of workers, both local and itinerant. According to our experience with the people we work with, the axis point of improving the social and cultural conditions is to establish jobs suitable for the women and adjust them to their children care responsibility. Unfortunately we encountered that most women of the area are single mothers taking care of their family and children.

We establish some indicators to work on for the social improvement of the region. According to the IRIS catalog of metrics we want to address:

1. Full time Employee: Female (OI6213)

Number of paid full-time employees at the organization as of the end of the reporting period

Women Picking Yellow Borbon.jpg

Women Pickers

Employing women we assure the development of the community

Our Focus

Women Selecting

Sorting the best cherries is a skillful and delicate task and the team of women from the village has demonstrated the best results.

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Recoleccion Gesha.jpg

Women Assuring Quality

Only the best will become a specialty cup